LOC Invited Colloquium

LOC Invited Colloquium

LOC Invited Colloquium

Open research in applied linguistics: What and how

Open research and scholarship aim to enhance research quality and transparency by ensuring that our work is openly available, accessible, and reusable for everyone. But what does that mean in practice?

The LOC invited symposium will be an opportunity for BAAL attendees to learn about different open research practices in a more hands-on fashion. The aim of the symposium is to create a collaborative environment where you will be introduced to concepts and tools to apply to your own research, and have the opportunity to build personal connections with colleagues.

In the first half of the symposium, session one will introduce Registered Reports as a publication type supporting open methods, and the second session will present a selection of tools and resources to help you share data in ethical and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) ways. The next session will present how to write and disseminate one-page, non-technical summaries of your work that are accessible to a wide audience.

In the second half of the symposium, the first session will introduce getting the best out of free and open tools such as PsychoPy, R, corpora and lexical profilers. Our final session will be an open Q & A forum, chaired by an Early Career Researcher, to provide an opportunity for discussion with attendees about how to get started with open scholarship and overcome challenges that might be faced. 

Speakers and sessions 

  • An introduction to registered reports (Emma Marsden)
  • An introduction to data sharing (Cylcia Bolibaugh)
  • Writing and disseminating open, non-technical summaries of your research (David O’Reilly & Inge Alferink)
  • Using open tools to collect and analyse data (Amber Dudley, Giulia Bovolenta, Natalie Finlayson)
  • Getting started?: An open discussion and Q & A (chaired by Meng Liu)

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